“I Hate It Here,” A Punk-Rock Song For The Ages, Is High-Energy And Aggressive.

Indoor Friends, as the name suggests, is an indie rock band from Massachusetts, USA. They were brought together under one roof through every possible social fiber, such as lifelong friends, coworkers, and dating sites, and their combined musical inclinations range from boisterous punk to foot-stomping power pop to poignant ballads. Amanda Bysheim is the main vocalist, Kat Delitto is the lead guitarist, Krista Marie Setera is the ukulele and supporting vocalist, Ben Bonadies is the bassist, and Matt Wilson is the drummer.

“I Hate It Here” has spacey guitar effects and sharp rhythms. Despite its simplicity, this song was created with a great deal of thought and effort. As a result, minimalism appears to be a deliberate choice. The beautiful lead guitar repeating a short hook to bring the listener on board works nicely in this genre as it is the first song from the artist as a band written and released and worth a listen. It was launched on April 13th of this year and was written using the members’ thoughts.

As an elevated song that’s a touch rough and raw, but unquestionably catchy and bold. “I Hate It Here” is an emotional and powerful song that depicts the ultimate dissatisfaction with humanity and individual decisions. As a result, the song is an emotional mantra to shout when life is throwing you curveballs.

“I Hate It Here” is, on the other extreme, targeted at individuals who are feeling overwhelmed, whether by the situation of the globe or their personal life. It’s easy to feel tired as a result of the effects of a worldwide epidemic and growing levels of sadness and anxiety. Indoor Friends hopes that this song validates such sentiments and allows people to express them in a joyful, passionate way.

Overall, this song is well-crafted, with catchy melodies, lovely melodious vocal lines, and beautiful production. It may contribute to making you desire more, which is always a win for both the listener and the composer. Indoor Friends produces a fantastic interplanetary song by fusing trippy rhythms with perfect plucked strings.

Listen to “I Hate It Here” by Indoor Friends on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!