Joey Capo, an Italian-Vietnamese singer/songwriter from Calabasas, began composing music at the age of 16, and by the age of 20, he had taught himself how to make his records, which grew into a full-fledged project. He pours his emotions into his music, and his tracks have a relaxed atmosphere with his unique spin of country R&B. Joey, who has two Hollywood Music Media Award nominations for “R&B record of the year,” continues to make excellent and stunning music and has just added “dive bar” to his portfolio. “Dive Bar” was published on October 28th and has swiftly been an obsession of mine.

With an immensely catchy melody for the chorus right from the start, “dive bar” is one of the most infectious and stunningly beautiful country songs I’ve heard in a while. The tone of the song is pleasantly gorgeous, and I love how Joey’s vocals provide color to the tune while also hooking the listener. The beat is so enticing. It merges pop and R&B with a glimpse of acoustics, making the bouncy and extremely engaging. The composition percolates beautifully and precisely transmits the song’s mood. Joey Capo’s voice has an awesome ethereal tone and is aesthetically appealing.

The song which is a lyrical movie from beginning to end is a song that encourages friendship in my opinion. Joey concentrates on telling the inside narrative of hanging out with his friends and enjoying the good life in a “dive bar”. The song is heartfelt, empowering, and composed with affection. Joey comes off as sincere, and his lyrics perfectly capture the colors of having excellent connections with people so that we may relish the good moments in our lives jointly.

The song’s pace is precise and decisive, with beautiful melodies adding to the delight. The music seamlessly modulates between portions, enhancing our listening experience. Furthermore, the purity and precision of the song’s production bring out the emotions in the song and brings a touch of exuberance. . Joey’s performance is outstanding, and the alluring tones will certainly entice music listeners since the song is so relevant.

Listen to “dive bar” by Joey Capo on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Look, So when it comes to
Good times any day of the week
There’s only one place I wanna be
At the local town pub with a frosted mug sippin’ on a cold bud
Now, where else can you go,
Drinking all night on $30?
What, five star do you know?
Sings journey at the top of their lungs
Cause nothin’ beats dive bar

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