“Misery Loves Company” is a seasoned track that can turn even the most mundane times in your life into the most pleasant experience you can imagine. It is a brand new single from sole writer, rapper, singer, and producer, Kellan., a Seattle-based artist. It was made accessible for worldwide viewing on May 18, 2022, through the various streaming platforms. Although this title has appeared in various other songs, Kellan’s is the most accurate interpretation of the term and he could easily fill any dancefloor solely with his singing.

“Misery Loves Company” is a song about going through a difficult time but not experiencing it alone. The inspiration originated from a moment when Kellan and a close friend were both grieving the traumatic even tone, and the consolation of knowing a loved one can be so readily conveyed.

“Misery Loves Company” is a pop and hip-hop mix with touches of jazz, American funk, and electronica inspired by songs of  Anderson. Blackbea, Mac Miller, J.Cole, and Anderson.Paak. From beginning to end, there is a plethora of different sounds and musical moments that may be boiled down to something pretty basic. But “Misery Loves Company” is much more than the finished product, and by that standard, it’s a tremendous freak of nature made up of many scant bits.

It features a distinctive composition that can be recognized right on time as the song ramps up in tempo till the chorus and continues until its peak in the middle of the song stolen by rap breaking the song’s cohesion. From the blend of pop and hip-hop music, there’s so much going on in the song with the full-on vocals at the core that communicates a bold and plain stance to the listener.

Kellan. is an artist, composer, and producer who has demonstrated his talent passionately. He is an artist that recognizes his status and his role in the music industry by presenting a dynamic song that offers comfort to his audience while also allowing them to define what they desire.

Listen to “Misery Loves Company” by Kellan. on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers.