Originally from Memphis, Tennessee MacKenzie F. Gray has been recognizing her musical abilities since 2020. MacKenzie, a former cheerleader, and gymnast have blended her abilities with her 12 years of experience to produce the ultimate mix. MacKenzie’s switch to music allowed her to add a new dimension and widen the scope of her talents. She names this one “Where Are You?” and purple Prosperity assisted in its publication on July 20, 2022.

MacKenzie entices listeners to put the song on repeat and never stop hearing it with her artistic talent and soothing voice. In this song, the amazing symbiotic link between the vocal and the music makes it more relaxing but addicting. MacKenzie’s effort to use plain but significant language on this record makes it unquestionably preferred to anybody from anywhere, so listeners are not left in the dark about her difficult experience with the language.

Summertime was the idea for the song, and she relates a story about a girl who has hallucinations of a person she wants to spend the rest of her romantic life with but is unable to discover that precise individual, who is fairly evident to most people in reality. “Where Are You?” by MacKenzie, is an unusual work, especially coming from an artist who buys beats online to make music about the things that have harmed her the most.

The music creates a beautiful mosaic of pleasant vocals, giving listeners the sensation of being carried into the atmosphere. The finest aspects of this song are the percussion, melodies, and vocals, which combine flawlessly. “Where Are You,” by MacKenzie, is a nice song with a good heart and sound.

Before publishing “Where Are You?” the pop singer stated that “sharing unfinished lyrics is just like showing people you’re undressed, finish getting ready first,” implying that she needed to complete this masterpiece for it to be regarded as a work of classical creativity and need attention.

Listen to “Where Are You?” by MacKenzie F. Gray on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?
When you turn and you look at me with your blue eyes it’s deeper than the ocean
Driving down the highway just you and me staying out till sun set
I might need a minute tell me do you dig it that you might be mine one day?
I might need some time no I can’t wait in line I put my feelings on display

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