Matt DeAngelis is a Turnersville, New Jersey-based indie singer-songwriter. Matt DeAngelis, who has been working with Billy Kennedy for the past 6 years and is now his producer and engineer, demonstrates an excessive level of expertise in his compositions and has the remarkable ability to compose “Real Future,” a song that is appealing to most listeners. On July 29th, he released the added track to his repertoire.

With the thrilling distorted guitar that gradually enters the track and develops the tone for the song, there is the presence of entrancing synthesizers that merge smoothly with compelling guitar riffs to build the foundation of this tune and give it a wonderfully cheerful vibe with a beat that makes you want to jump on the dance floor.

Inspired by the new environment we’ve found ourselves in after the outbreak of the epidemic, which appears to have altered many facets of our lives, “Real Future,” according to Matt DeAngelis, is a song inspired by a dream in which he imagined what the world might be like in the future. He describes his dream, in which he was traveling down a highway and witnessed horrible occurrences.

“Real Future” is a magnificent exhibition of both musical brilliance and Matt DeAngelis’ ability to explain something disastrous in such a clear way that it is quite honestly remarkable. The nuances of purity and clarity in the production genuinely bring out the best feelings in the song. The beat is tight and powerful, and the accompaniments contribute to the song’s excitement. Overall, “Real Future” is music that should be heard, whether for its message or its incredible sounds. Its liveliness also makes us want to leap and is filled with enthusiasm.

Listen to “Real Future” by Matt DeAngelis on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Lookin’ out these stained glass windows
And I’ve got a whole lot of fear
Maybe we can get some action in
Before we’re taken deep
What are we to do
When there ain’t no chance, ain’t no chance in this life

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