MJ Duke is a London-born vocalist who has gratefully returned to making songs for admirers after a short pause. Early Blues and Soul influences may be found in MJ Duke’s repertoire, as he uses a storytelling-like vocal delivery to accentuate the emotive rhythm in his compositions. His music is anything but conventional, which is why it is receiving so much love and attention. MJ Duke returns with his new single “The Edge” in support of his upcoming EP “The Edge” due on July 18th, 2022, leading up to his first album.

“The Edge,” MJ Duke’s latest single, is as sensational and lively as his past songs. “The Edge” is a beautiful piece that may instantly elevate the listener’s spirits, with an upbeat like no other and a wholesome, joyful pace. As the music begins, you’re struck by how bizarrely distinct the track seems. The voice provided by MJ Duke in practically every line of the song gives it a fantastic edge.

“The Edge” Is a track with deep roots delving into the topic of struggling with self-belief and overcoming negative thinking about oneself by turning the negatives into positives. Says MJ Duke

“The Edge” combines a gloomy, yet victorious tale with contrasting, yet uplifting music. He relates this narrative as if it were an entry in his journal, reflecting on his current situation. The song’s meaning is that it represents the thrill we experience when we are patiently waiting to see what the future holds for us next. The lyrics portray the poisoned psyche, yet they also provide rays of hope for a remedy. while accompanied by uplifting and summery music that helps to indicate things will get better in the long.

However, the manner MJ Duke sings lends a lot more excitement to the song. With its wonderful rhythmic songs and beats, the song feels significantly vintage, yet it also feels rather relevant with its bright and airy subtleties. You can’t help but want to bounce along as they use a conventional melodic sound that sounds warm and welcoming.

Listen to “The Edge” by MJ Duke on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

When I was younger I wished I was an adult
I couldn’t wait to grow up and see the world
Experience life, go from dark to light
I just had to show up and try to be myself