Mooncrüe is an Austin-based band that was founded by a group of NASA dropouts who were abandoned on the moon. They have obviously found their vocation in making music that speaks to the spirit. “Animal,” released as their debut track on the 20th of February this year, is a hypnotic composition that surpasses the conventional bounds of electronic and psychedelic sounds. I can attest that mooncrüe has tapped into a unique source of inspiration with this composition, and the outcome is a track that captures the listener’s attention from the first note. Now let’s get started.

Introduced accurately and simply, with each instrument adding to the song’s layout precisely, the opening electronic notes create a feeling of anticipation, as if the listener is being propelled into the unknown depths of space. The vocals, delivered in an ethereal falsetto, give the track a sense of urgency and yearning as if inviting the listener to join them on a cosmic journey of self-discovery. And as the song progresses m ooncrüe weaves in layers of sparkling synthesizers and complex rhythms, creating an aural tapestry that is both magical and catchy. The pulsing rhythm and swirling synthesizers are reminiscent of Rufus Du Sol and Tame Impala, but Mooncrüe manages to delineate their differing features.

In keeping with the song’s motif, the title “Animal” implies a return to a more primal state of being, discarding the accouterments of modern society and rediscovering our untamed, instinctual nature. Moreover, mooncrüe’s statement that “many people on planet Earth have lost track of their own identity, of their soul” speaks to a deep sense of disconnection and disorientation that many people experience in today’s hyperconnected world. So, with “Animal,” mooncrüe provides a means to regain that power, reunite with our innermost selves, and accept our primal instincts. The lyrics are concise yet poignant, drawing a picture of a world where “we’re all animals” and “we’re never alone. But it’s the song’s deeper psychological underpinnings that set it apart from other electronic songs.

Overall, “Animal” is a meaningful and profoundly affecting song that should be heard with a receptive mind and heart. Its message is both relevant and eternal, and its sonic environment is breathtaking. mooncrüe has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic music, and their single “Animal” is a breathtaking debut that leaves listeners wanting more.

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