Kahnin, a well-established musician from Keflavik, Iceland, released “I am,” a pensive and thought-provoking song that confronts a highly pertinent issue in today’s world: the perils of unregulated technology development. “I am,” which was released on September 9th of last year, is nothing short of spectacular. So, keep reading and get immersed in my perspective on the music. Cheers!

When I pressed the play button, the music immediately struck a chord with me. It began with acoustic strums and had an overall vibe of a rich melody and a soul-grabbing ensemble of instruments. The melodies, harmonies, and rhythms are well used to propel the song along, providing depth and richness to the entire sound. That I found agreeable to the ears, resulting in an earworm that lingers with you long after the music has ended. Not to mention his vocals, which blend flawlessly and fluidly with the instrumentals to produce a captivating and emotionally conveyed sound.

Lyrically, “I am” is a song with a strong message about the dangers of human augmentation falling into the wrong hands, while additionally illustrating a dystopian society and acting as a warning about the need to be watchful and take action to avoid such a future from becoming a reality. What’s even more amazing about the song’s concept is how well it complements the music video. The aesthetics are spectacular, with a bleak setting that appears like it was plucked from a sci-fi film. It is dramatic and powerful, perfectly portraying the disturbing atmosphere conveyed by the music.

Overall, “I am” is an amazing array of harmonies and a masterclass in composition, complete with a breathtaking touch that wonderfully depicts the dystopian mood with a message that everyone should hear. Kahnin’s performance was incredible, and it was tough to resist the song; he nailed it and delivered the message with passion. The production, on the other hand, is particularly advantageous, with its combination of electronic and acoustic components that contribute to a futuristic feel.

Listen to “I am” by Kahnin on Spotify, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

Notable Lyrics
My phenotype is out of sight. My database been neutralized. You can flick a switch and turn off my light. I´m your universal servant for life, I am 5643
Now that they´ve chipped me, I´m a better man. I´m single and kid-free, in a better plan. I´m part of a system that tells me who I am. Now that they´ve chipped me. I am 5643.

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