Pete Hollis is a Greenville, South Carolina-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer of his own songs who began writing music in late 2019. He has a nostalgic vibe to accompany his music while he tells you his experiences.

“Why is your hand on mine?” Pete’s current song, which was released on the 8th of April this year and is being evaluated, begins with ambient melodies and charming orchestration, setting the tone for this lovely single. When his voice does enter, it contrasts beautifully with the orchestral composition, producing a tenderness well within sound.

The rise to the chorus is electrified with a sensation of exhilaration, produced by the synths and rising melody, and propelled forward by the solid and consistent 80s vibe percussion. Pete Hollis exemplifies the beauty of good songwriting by combining simple and accessible romantic lines with catchy and uplifting music. Pete Hollis’s greatest talent is his literary candor and melodic ability to weave a story with his singing. His latest hit “Why is Your Hand Touching Mine” demonstrates his range.

According to Pete’s description, “Why is Your Hand Touching Mine” is a song he composed about the first time he fell in love. He stated it was a bizarre chain of circumstances that led to this occurring, and he couldn’t believe it when he found himself walking on air. He couldn’t see somebody truly falling in love with him. Pete delivers the song with emotionally honest and sensitive words, aided by his powerful and captivating voice, questioning and asking why someone would fall in love with him.

The purity of the arrangement and instrumentation of this song enables pieces to shine. Pete Hollis uses accessible words and imagery to communicate the message of his song. The vocal delivery of this song is filled with genuine passion. Pete offers his all here, leaving diddly squat back and presenting us a lesson in passionate rendition.

Listen to “Why is Your Hand Touching Mine” by Pete Hollis on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

Slept in my sheets now there’s nothing you don’t know
So tell me baby, why is your hand touching mine?
Don’t know why you fell for a guy like me
You could have it all have your dream ending
Now we’re falling asleep in each others arms
And it feels like the movies we watch in the dark