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Review Of Sébastien Blum’s “Toxic”

Sébastien Blum is a multidisciplinary artist from the Reunion Island who became well-known to the general public in 2016 as a visual artist and designer. Blum began his musical career as a youngster with the Dancehall ISK group under the alias Lérikal K. This encounter allows him to walk his first podiums and reinforce his already strong passion for music. After a long hiatus, the musician returns to the microphone in 2021.

Blum offered an enticing piece of acoustic pop to his audience on April 2, 2022, integrating a wide spectrum of sounds from folk-pop and soul, with love sensitivities producing a unique voice that looks stylish. The title of this lovely composition by Blum is “Toxic” and it is accompanied by a music video that provides a lovely blend of sensitive cinematic work.

A detailed guitar with no drumming as atmosphere and the primary instrumental produces a stunning introduction. With its shrill tone rich with charisma, Blum’s silky singing drives a mesmerizing tune throughout the song, making it great creating appeal and excitement that draws the receiver in from the start.

“Toxic” is a deep title, mixing passion, love, and nostalgia. Living poetry, where each moment encapsulates the swirling emotions of a passionate story. A relationship that undoubtedly reminds us of the work “Jeux d’Enfants” which is a work of art I’ve done for a previous art project. Feel free to listen to this beautiful acoustic song made with heart!

While the video adds to the beauty of the song, Sébastien Blum demonstrates a true inspiration in this modest but pleasant presentation of this single that begs for a second listen and sets the mood for his future iterations.

Watch the video of “Toxic” by Sébastien Blum with the link provided and let us know what you think Cheers!

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