Proklaim is a solo artist from Windhoek, Namibia. His current single, “No Doubt,” is music that will dispel any qualms you may have about him as a rapper. Proklaim identifies himself as a seasoned veteran rapper who knows his creative identity and is different. “No Doubt” was released by Proklaim on May 19th, this year.

Not only is “No Doubt” a strong love and excitement for Proklaim’s music, but the song’s lyrics provide a positive message with profound value. Because they exhibit numerous lyrical techniques in this song, the rapper has highly unique creative talents. “No Doubt” is a song that everybody may enjoy. It’s lyrically powerful and hits hard, while the tempo keeps you focused without overpowering you.

As the song begins, “No Doubt” by Proklaim is a powerful and empowering approach to building¬†up your lively attitude. It begins gently and then builds in intensity with an outrageous beat that sets the tone for what’s to follow from the artist. “No Doubt” is a deep lyrical message infused music with vibes that are distinct from the cadence to the chorus; it does not follow trends but trailblazers them.

Proklaim’s followers and viewers can identify with what he says in his lyrics. The words are simple enough for everyone to grasp, but they have deeper significance. Overall, the best way to describe “No Doubt” is that combining hip-hop and rap may result in some distinct sounds, which perfectly define what Proklaim sought after with this tune.

Listen to “No Doubt” by Proklaim on SoundCloud with the link below and let us know what you think. Cheers!