With her dual background and a variety of situations that have exposed her to a diverse spectrum of influences, Jamaican-born but British-based singer, Rachel Davie Lee of Guyanese and Scottish origin is a musical queen. She began singing in her teens and has since produced wonderful music that touches the soul. Rachel draws inspiration from Sade, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Alaine, and Roberta Flack for her unique combination of Pop, Neo-Soul, Ballad, and Caribbean-influenced songs.  On August 6th last year, she released an outstanding single titled “Love is in The Air,” which served as the lead track off her first EP.

“Love is in The Air” begins wonderfully with soulful strings and gentle piano chords before Rachel’s tremendous vocal range sails the melody effortlessly. The soundscape is exceptional, and the appealing sounds and melodies entice you to desire more. Rachel’s voice dominates the stage, drawing your attention to the lyrics and making you feel her emotions. Her emotions in this composition are incredible, and they show her vigor and willpower. Rachel Davie Lee has a distinct voice, and I admired the way she utilized everything.

“Love In The Air,” which earned a Modern Soulful Music Award earlier this year, is a love ballad. The words deliver powerful sentiments of love. It’s a song about intimacy, but it also expresses the hurry of the clock ticking and the elation. It pertains to the notion of believing, “Love is in the Air.” With so much profundity in the lyrics, the song makes your heart flutter with love, which feels so pleasant and seductive, especially when singing to or with a person you cherish.

Every instrument is on point, and they don’t overshadow any of them, instead allowing the music to bloom through. This allows Rachel to execute lyrics that establish anticipation with such confidence. The pace is excellent, with an appealing rhythm that draws attention to the singer’s soulful voice, which sings profound words to demonstrate Rachel’s ability. The performance is outstanding, and it will elevate the song to greater heights.

Listen to “Love is in The Air” by Rachel Davie Lee on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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