Red Skies Mourning is a Baltimore-based musician who recently released a new song titled “Where You Been?” Smooth indie-pop with soothing vocals and funky guitars. In this tune, Red Skies Mourning takes the listener on an emotional trip through electropop, appealing synthesizers, and infectiously catchy beats.

“Where You Been?”, a 3:19 tune, begins with synth arpeggios and quiet vocals over a simple percussion beat. The rhythm has a cheerful vibe to it, thanks to the fantastic bassline that supports the beat perfectly. Red Skies Mourning’s soft vocals blend beautifully with the track’s orchestration, adding to the song’s surroundings, and peaceful mood. Intrigued by the nostalgic sound of the 1980s, Red Skies has evolved his music, delivering it a little more profundity than it originally possessed.

The arrangement of “Where You Been” is not repetitive; it is focused on the creator himself being emotionally unstable and only comprehending it after he unintentionally injured someone he cared passionately about. Recognized this and took a break to discover himself, love himself, and understand himself so he may fully appreciate and appreciate everyone else. Aurally, the song offers a question and takes the listener on a journey to find responses and heal through a sensual, pace with the fast melodies.

Red Skies communicates his experience so beautifully through the music’s arrangement and delivery that the song itself seems holistic, with a certain enthusiasm that infuses his voice and lyrics, making it a flawless song. Also, Red’s songwriting demonstrates all of the qualities of a top-tier musician. Knowledgeable, and passionate that burns bright within his spirit and makes his art appear potential.

Listen to “Where You Been?” by Red Skies Mourning on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!