Vernon Philip Jeffries, commonly known as V-Train in the music industry, is a musician and music producer from Lansdale, United States. He mostly creates Lofi Hip Hop tracks as well as other instrumentals and occasionally appears at weddings, festivals, and churches. On March 25th of this year, he welcomed his fans with a track named “Sunset on the BLVD,” which he composed.

V- Train’s “Sunset on the BLVD” is a classic lofi hip-hop tune. It’s more uplifting and relaxing, and as V-Train describes it, he sat on a park seat and watched a sunset, which inspired the song’s title and theme. This song evokes the impression of sunset and being at peace with the surroundings. It makes you feel relieved that the day is through.

V-Train mixed piano, synth, guitar, bass, and percussion to produce a gorgeous lofi and relaxing sound that delivers listeners with a calming, optimistic atmosphere in “Sunset on the BLVD.” The instrumentation quickly makes us want to establish objectives and get our lives in order by providing an amazing, pleasant listening experience.

The song doesn’t have much going on, but it contains just the optimal dose of muscle tone to keep you completely calm. It simply seems naturally pleasant, highly concentrated, and laser-sharp while being relaxed enough to have that lighthearted spirit peppered throughout it all. Furthermore, “Sunset on the BLVD” helps the listener to step back and realize everything for which he or she is appreciative and what they wish to achieve. Also because the song will be able to describe your thoughts without using words.

V-Train’s execution of the song is outstanding, and it will undoubtedly remain on my playlist for some time. He has a spellbinding knack for putting such complicated sentiments into instruments.

Listen to “Sunset on the BLVD” by V-Train on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!