Rogue Proxy is a genre-defying, electro-grooving, high-energy Canadian rocking duo characterized as the illegitimate love child of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk. A new flavor of rock. Rogue Proxy’s unique sound is built around naturally driven guitar tones, phat bass grooves, thumping punchy drums, and innovative, multi-styled vocals.

Rogue Proxy’s “Paparazzi Sniper” is extremely realistic and involved. The song begins with some amazing stereo electric guitars, and the music appears to keep the listener interested while the vocals direct you.

The duo’s most recent single is a high-energy Classic-Rock tune. The light and arpeggiated guitar tone are incredible. Rogue Proxy demonstrates superb musical comprehension, with each part contributing to the melody and rhythm. The drums are loud, yet precisely in time with everything else. The duet has a beautiful voice that effortlessly cuts through the mix. Nevertheless, their lyrics and rhyme scheme feel so natural and lovely.

The trippy parts are enjoyable to listen to, and the tune is appealing. Also, the song has some fantastic portions and separation between each segment; you’re never in question as to where you are in the song as the acoustics swell and flow with exhilaration.

Regarding the musicianship of the song, it is clear that the duo is writing and recording it as a band. They define themselves as “a new flavor¬†of rock,” and you can hear this connection in the song, particularly through their intricately blended harmonies, which give the song a cooperative vibe.

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