Thursday , October 5 2023

Russ Surprises Fans With “Inside” Single Exclusively On SoundCloud

If there’s anyone who’s always got new music on deck for his fans, it’s Russ. Most recently, the New Jersey native surprised the internet with a SoundCloud exclusive called “Inside,” which he hinted may end up being deleted soon.

“Catch me at the house,” he wrote in an Instagram caption promoting the song. “Inside anthem, deleting soon. Just feel like sharing some random songs I’ve been making.” Afterward, he noted that this isn’t one of the upcoming two songs that he’s due to drop in December.

As Songweb notes, Russ previously confirmed that he’s got tracks on the way on the 9th and 16th, making for the perfect presents leading up to the holiday seasons.

On “Inside,” he shares bars about wanting to keep to himself instead of getting involved with the negative energy of others. “They goin’ outside, but endin’ up inside cells and caskets,” he reflects. “I’ma be inside, instead of wonderin’ what the hell is happenin’.”

In another IG post, the 30-year-old shared a video of him singing along to the new tune, putting his heart into every word. “Until people learn how to behave I will be inside at the house,” he wrote in the description of that one.

Other tracks we’ve heard from Russ in recent months include his joint “Quando” effort with Vitão as well as “BET” and “Last Night.”

Keep scrolling to find “Inside,” exclusively streaming on SoundCloud below. Afterward, let us know what your thoughts are in the comments, and check back later for more new music updates.

Notable Lyrics:

They goin’ outside, but endin’ up inside cells and caskets

I’ma be inside, instead of wonderin’ what the hell is happenin’

Don’t know how to just be outside and be in

Dudes entitled and these women are the same

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