Styles P is going out with a bang before he hands up the mic as a solo artist.

The Yonkers-bred MC delivered his new single on Friday, “Death Before Dishonor” ft. Brady Watt. As usual, Styles P doesn’t hold back while Watt’s smooth vocals tie the song together on the hook. The latest track finds P tackling spacey production, detailing the street life and the respect that he commands before paralleling that to his presence in hip-hop. Though DJ Premier doesn’t provide cuts for the record, Styles P showcases his reach with a phone call interlude from the famed DJ. It’s an excellent offering from P that continues to assert him as one of the nicest MCs alive.

Unfortunately, the new single marks one of the few we’ll get from Styles in the future. The LOX rapper announced that he’ll be retiring from his solo career, though he’ll continue to contribute to group efforts and deliver features.

“I say this with a deeper overstanding of self and evaluating the status of my own mental health,” he said in October, revealing that he became “less spiritually healthy.”

“I believe I have run myself down a tad bit over the past few years,” he continued. “Being a super hard-working emcee and a health advocate. I thought about it harder and came to the conclusion that I need to walk away from my solo career period (I think I gave y’all enough).”

This Friday, Styles P will unleash his penultimate project, Penultimate: A Calm Wolf Is Still A Wolf. The project will mark his second last album before he hangs up the mic. He’s yet to announce a release date for his final album but we’ll keep you posted when he does.

Quotable Lyrics
Matter of fact, it’s a matter of fact
Cross me, get your bladder attacked
Lemon face, too, if I gotta face you
I’mma be strapped up, that’s a matter of fact