Sweeter Than Sorrow is a solo music project by Swedish singer-songwriter Mattias Wahlberg, who is noted for his wonderful narrative and soul-touching melodies while describing fundamental human emotions through his songs. Mattias has been adding a touch of poetry and introspection to his songs in order to bring listeners’ attention to a gentle, sensitive, and introspective atmosphere. He also supports LGBTQ+ people and expresses his affection for them through his work. Sweeter Than Sorrow comes back with another fantastic song for his fans, “Into the Night,” after the release of two popular singles. This year’s “Into the Night” was released on July 29th.

“Into the Night” is a wonderful acoustic piece with piano, voice, and contrabass that has the feel of a relaxing lullaby but yet has a deeper aspect. Before his voice, the acoustic piano entrance has a pop vibe to it and is quite addictive to listen to. Mattias Wahlberg’s voice is soothing and sweet, and the great harmonic work complements it well. “Into the Night” features superb harmonies, outstanding piano play, and narration which includes many minor subtleties and melodic elements that the listener would like.

In terms of the song’s content, “Into the Night” is a tune inspired by the death of a close family relative, and Mattias offers this song as a delicate way of dealing with the awful events in life. As innovative as he is, the melody has taken hold in two ways: the mesmerizing songs that would undoubtedly put infants to sleep and the sad-filled implications that speak more about grief, tragedy, cherish, and peace. The words “come here and rest now, my child” and “there’s nothing you have to achieve right now” appear to depict the two sides of the song.

Overall, “Into the Night” is a charming and delightful tune. Mattias’ vocal melody is highly catchy, enticing listeners and making it easy for admirers to sing along. The pace is soft and rhythmic with the contraband and cello, and I was particularly struck by the vocal production which is engaging and well enough without drowning the melodies. Above all, “Into the Night” is an intriguing piece.

Listen to “Into the Night” by Sweeter than Sorrow on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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