Gallowayyys is a Los Angeles-based solo project founded by Blake Alexander, a singer-songwriter, performer, producer, and audio engineer who began his career as an undergrad producing demos. He went to UNT in Denton, Texas, and honed his unique visual and musical styles while establishing professional contacts with musicians, artists, and industry executives. Gallowayyys has explored and developed his sound over the years, giving him a distinct spot in the business, as seen by his current track “Ollie Off A Mxlly,” which was published on July 29th of this year.

“Ollie Off A Mxlly” has a seductive atmosphere that will drive you insane while displaying his flexibility. “Ollie Off A Mxlly,” an original song with full production credits to Gallowayyys, is one of ten releases anticipated for 2022 and early 2023, and it is based on the anxieties, regrets, and mania that a person has when coping with a long-distance break-up. The project also includes impassioned performance cuts, layered melodies, and dramatic percussion sounds.


“Ollie Off A Mxlly” is addicting and immediately sticks to the mouth. The keys and melodies create a whole distinct atmosphere, elevating the listening experience. Gallowayyys’ execution of this piece is outstanding, and his singing textures are comforting, taking listeners on an intriguing journey with each beat. The lyrics are gorgeous and subjective, which proves how creative he is.  The rhythm is intriguing and will have you moshing throughout the song. Also, his flows are fresh and inventive.

This piece’s adaptability combines lo-fi pop with elements of hip-hop and emo rap. These parts have a significant impact on the music and blend in well with the overall atmosphere. Gallowayyys’ vocals are engaging and entertaining, which benefits the music because the vocals and components have amazing synergy and complement each other pleasantly. The tone of the song, in my perspective, is the main draw of it, and I feel it will resonate with a broad range of audiences.

Listen to “Ollie Off A Mxlly” by Gallowayyys on Spotify on SoundCloud and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
By two by two
Anything I buy, I buy two
I was sharing my heart
Everywhere I go, I invite you
We could’ve both wrote this song
We could’ve both sang a long

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