“TAB” is a Reykjavik-based pop band comprised of Arna Run Omarsdottir, Bjartmar Thordarson, and Tinna Kristinsdottir. Their collaboration began during a songwriting camp in an isolated fjord on Iceland’s east coast where sparks flew. As a consequence, the group released their debut song “Keep It Simple” on September 15th of this year. This reminds us how simple and amazing music can be.

Beginning with honey-sweet vocals, “Keep It Simple” is a vibrant musical depiction highlighting the band’s distinct abilities. The performers’ vocals serve as a wonderful companion through the music, effortlessly cutting through and offering us a one-of-a-kind melody. The beat is lively and whimsical, keeping things upbeat and light while keeping the song playing at a comfortable speed. The song has a vibrant contemporary feel to it that makes it engaging for listeners, as well as moments of exhilaration and excitement that persons who adore bouncy music will embrace.

While keeping it simple enough to captivate listeners, the song alludes to the never-ending rat race and complexity of everyday life, which may make things feel fairly overwhelming on occasion. This causes the band to wonder what could be better than dancing your worries away. The lyrics are entertaining and will make you want to forget everything else and succumb to all the pleasure the song has.

Basically, “Keep It Simple” is beautiful, refreshing music that is both cheerful and revitalizing. It’s a fun dance song with inspirations from 90’s dance music. TAB, on the other hand, uses its creativity more imaginatively. Almost as though they were another instrument in the ensemble because it adds to the song’s pleasant vibe.

Listen to “Keep It Simple” by TAB on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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