The Loud Bangs are Alice Street (Vox and Guitar), Daisy Gutierrez (Vox, Guitar, Keyboards), Hannah Remley (Bass), and Marcus Nemuro (Drums), from Los Angeles who were inspired to create distinctive sounds by their love of shoegaze, ’90s alternative, and German club music. The band has continuously put out tracks that have all been bangers, including “The Alice Experience,” the band’s fourth 5-song EP of 2022, which was released on July 26th.

“The Gloria Films”, a highly lively song with a vibrant beat, kicks off  The Alice Experience Ep. The production blends synthesizers from the nineties with classic rock components. The song is propelled forward by electric guitar riffs and resonating drumming.

Then follows “The Stacy Diagram,” and the tone shifts completely before exploding into the air electronic output. This tune not only has more transitions than the previous song, but it also has female vocals in between with instrumental riffs and melodies that sound very thrilling.

“The Edith Formation,” which marks the Ep’s midway, begins with a spoken word that quickly fills you with joy and happiness. At the same time, the arpeggiated sleazy guitar chord evokes sentiments that create the tone for the song.

The fourth single, “The Jessica Triangle,” is significantly different from the other tunes on this EP. The instrumental arrangement enables a vocal to shine on this tune, which seems more like a country song due to its emphasis on acoustic production aspects.

“The Jamie Situation” concludes the episode with a sense of focused stillness. Because it is about mental health, it is emotive and passionate. In this tune, the band offers a calm presence that may both comfort and enhance you.

“The Alice Experience” was composed in an attempt to soothe Alice Street, who was hospitalized due to mental illness. Each song has a distinct flavor, production style, and vibe, demonstrating the band’s competence and craftsmanship.

Listen to “The Alice Experience” by The Loud Bangs on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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