The Pulltops, a Milwaukee-based musical duo comprised of drummer Mark Pierrat and guitarist Tom Crowell, have delivered an incredible record in “Wide Awake.” This wealthy and addictive combination of Indie Rock and Power Pop, released on August 18th, is a rousing celebration of self-discovery, confidence, and newfound expression. “Wide Awake” is an experience that will capture and resonate with listeners, thanks to its anthemic chorus, hypnotic vocals, funky bassline, and striking lyrics. Let’s delve into it.

From the very first notes, “Wide Awake” grabs your attention and doesn’t let go; the groovy bassline and the thrilling musical sounds hook you in, setting fire for an unforgettable musical experience; and the opening lines, “Looking up, all the stars that I can see but cannot touch,” set the tone for a track that looks into the boundless potential that lies within each of us, just waiting to be unleashed. Tom Crowell’s vocals, loaded with emotion and honesty, are a highlight of the song. His delivery effectively conveys the lyrics’ purpose of empowerment and liberation. When he belts the chorus, “I feel so wide awake today, my eyes are open,” you can’t help but feel the surge of energy and inspiration intended by the song. He sings with passion and honesty, making the message of embracing our inner power and expressing the truth easy to connect with.

“Wide Awake” is a lyrical anthem about embracing change and breaking free from restraints. As a result, the core of the song is found in the lines, “I feel so wide awake today; I found my voice; it has so much that I can say.” These lyrics summarize the journey of self-discovery, reflecting the liberation that comes from accepting one’s innate authority and potential. The song urges people to overcome hurdles, transcend the boundaries that impede them, and embrace their newfound understanding and empowerment. The moral of the song is simple: It’s time to take control of your life, discover your voice, and rise above challenges.

Instrumentally, “Wide Awake” is a musical feast for the ears. Mark’s drumming and Tom’s guitar work interact to produce a powerful beat that carries the song forward. The build-up to the anthemic chorus is especially excellent, and it’s difficult not to be caught up in the music’s infectious intensity. The melodies they produce are both appealing and eloquent, adding to the overall impact of the song. The previously stated funky bassline lends a feeling of pace and energy to the tune, making it tough not to tap your foot to the beat.

Overall, The Pulltops’ “Wide Awake” is a musical masterpiece, a wonderful celebration of self-discovery and the excitement of discovering one’s voice. The anthemic chorus and powerful instrumentation make it a track that will live on in any music collection, solidifying its place as an iconic piece. The duo’s ability to merge their numerous influences into a unified, exciting sound reflects their artistry and experience. It’s a call to arms for anybody who wants to take control of their life and confront the world fully awake—a message that hits deeply with listeners. With “Wide Awake,” The Pulltops have created a work of art that is a symbol of musical brilliance and strength.

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