The upcoming project will be released via Wichita Recordings on March 3rd.

As the final hours of the weekend pass us by, new music posts continue to surface across our site. As always, we have an artist markedly making their debut on SONGWEB today (February 5) with his “Sunroof” single. VINSON previously dropped the groovy track a few days ago in preparation for his upcoming debut EP.

The free-spirited release chiefly paints the picture of living in beautiful Southern California. “Slick thoughts and office talks done got me here,” he sings over production from Timo and Harriet Brown. According to a press release, the R&B artist took inspiration from D’Angelo and Maxwell in making his song.

“When I first heard the beat for ‘Sunroof,’ I thought of all the fly blaxploitation shit in the ’70s,” VOISIN says of his work. “It kinda feels like we’re living through a period similar to that right now. Finding a way to temporarily ignore disillusionment to stay present and focus on the fly shit,” he further explains.

The lead single also comes with a Mike Harris-directed visual that finds him living the West Coast dream through a yellow-tinted lens. Around him are stripper poles, fur coats, and of course, California’s rolling terrain. It ultimately all comes together to tell the dreamy story found in VOISIN’s own lyrics.

“With the video just trying to convey that feeling through the city I moved to in Los Angeles. It can get hectic out here but you can also create your own heaven if you want to, even when you see and feel the madness in the background. Just don’t get stuck,” he advises listeners.

Along with Sunroof, VOISIN announced that his debut SoftSweetRadical project will arrive next month, on March 3rd. It’s coming via Wichita Records, and the singer plans to celebrate with a release party on March 10th at a secret location in Los Angeles.

Stream VINSON’s “Sunroof” on Spotify or Apple Music below. Afterward, tell us your thoughts on the upcoming EP’s first single in the comments. Additionally, find more music recommendations on today’s R&B Season playlist here.

Notable Lyrics:

New fur, alpaca skin, it’s blowing in the wind
I was a pacifist, but now I’m packin’ steel
Don’t try and tell me what I oughta be
Let go of what you thought and set me free