If there’s one thing to say about Proklaim, it’s that he doesn’t just rap; he pours his heart and soul into every word and beat. In his latest single, “Reason 2 Believe,” released on September 2nd alongside “Love Highway,” which may have already charmed our ears, Proklaim takes us on a deeply introspective journey that is guaranteed to resonate with anybody who has ever questioned their path or the beliefs they hold. In this review, we embark on a passionate journey into the heart of this masterpiece, exploring its soulful nature, vocal prowess, instrumentation, production, and the profound lyrical tapestry woven by Proklaim as he dives deep into the realms of the human psyche, painting vivid portraits of inner struggles and the relentless pursuit of faith and purpose, proving that hip-hop can be a powerful medium for self-expression and self-discovery. Let’s get started!

From the first notes, Proklaim’s entry is unmistakable. His powerful vocals bring a weight of experience and emotion that swiftly sweeps us in. It’s as if he’s inviting us into his private sanctuary, imploring us to listen closely while he expresses his thoughts and feelings. His flow is perfect as he seamlessly infuses the song with that hip-hop flair, flowing nicely between the beats and adding layers of rhythm and rhyme that keep us engrossed from start to end. It’s a reminder that hip-hop is more than simply a genre; it’s an art form, and Proklaim is a maestro of this craft. His vocals are the ideal combination of genuine passion and controlled perfection. You can feel the weight of each lyric as it flows from his lips, piercing you to the core. His voice has a certain honesty about it that makes it difficult not to become caught up in the song’s story.

The key idea of “Reason 2 Believe” is wonderfully reflective and thought-provoking. Proklaim takes us on a poetic journey through life, voicing out challenges, ambitions, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dream. The song delves into the strength of self-belief and the significance of remaining true to oneself in a society that frequently attempts to suffocate originality. Proklaim’s lyricism is crisp, evocative, and filled with metaphors that will have you rewinding to grasp every detail. It demonstrates his ability to write meaningful and relatable lyrics that connect with listeners on a personal level, and each line feels like a piece of his soul left bare for us to connect with and resonate with. And that makes this track exceptional.

The production of “Reason 2 Believe” demonstrates the exquisite expertise that went into it. From the balance of Proklaim’s vocals to the placement of each instrument in the mix, everything is meticulously altered. The production quality is excellent, bringing every aspect of the tune to the forefront. The production crew clearly went to great lengths to create a musical environment that complimented the emotional weight of the lyrics. And praise to Florida-based Lu Diaz, who mixed the track impeccably.

In conclusion, “Reason 2 Believe” is a hip-hop gem that transcends boundaries. Proklaim’s ability to articulate the depths of his soul through music is nothing short of magnificent. This track highlights the power of music as a vehicle for self-expression and contemplation. Proklaim has offered us not just a view into his universe, but also a chance to explore the rich terrains of our own imaginations. It’s a journey worth embarking on, and “Reason 2 Believe” is the ideal music. Don’t forget to add it to your playlists!

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