Will Sims, a Baltimore-based alternative rock and pop singer, emerges as a beacon of real, pure passion in his latest album, “You Have a Voice, Use It.” This compilation of songs, each a musical and emotional trip in and of itself, was released on October 10th of this year and goes deep into the core of human relationships and the grim truths of our modern society. Will Sims’ distinctive blend of rock, alternative, and pop elements results in an album with a tremendous, almost haunting, intensity. From the first explosive note to the final lingering refrain, Sims takes us on a musical trip that is both dramatic and contemplative. Now that we’ve got ears, let’s listen to what Will Sims’ album says.

The opening track, “Lose Control,” grabs your senses right from the start. The powerful basslines and intertwined guitar riffs of the track create a heady, frenetic mood that matches Sims’ impassioned vocals. The title embodies the heart of this album – a call to throw off the chains and let the emotions flow freely. Sims sings with conviction, yet his rage at the status of the world is evident. He transforms his angst into an enthralling song that demands attention. The voices cut properly through the vast, deep-sounding layers of the tune.

Move It or Lose It” continues this electrifying journey with its upbeat tempo and lyrics that echo the urgency of seizing the moment. Sims takes us through a narrative of desire and determination, making it impossible not to be carried away by the infectious beats. The catchy melodies and vibrant instrumentals invite us to reflect on our agency and choices in a world that often feels chaotic and unforgiving. Also, Sims’ vocal delivery accentuates the words, allowing us to fully comprehend the song’s tone. His forceful striking voice has a significant influence on the song’s robustness.

To Remind You” shifts into a more meditative mode, incorporating incredibly dynamic and compelling instrumentals that keep you immersed in the song. Sims bares his soul in this song, wrestling with regret and the bitter reality that some mistakes cannot be reversed. The lyrics strike a chord with individuals who have felt the agony of hindsight. Sims’ expressive vocals and the song’s increasing intensity create a haunting experience. It’s a time to reflect on our acts and their implications.

I Should Never Have Given Up on You” is an introspective song about regret and introspection. Sims’ lyrics pierce the soul as he confronts the choices of the past. It’s a highly personal contemplation, a testament to the universal human experience of yearning for something that once was. The lyrics are touching, with very meaningful lines that arouse you just perfectly, making you fall even more in love with the music. Sims sings mesmerizingly and lends the track’s ideal delicate touch. His vocals nicely suit the track’s sweet and welcoming atmosphere.

Fears” emerges as a poignant ballad, beautifully combining acoustic sounds with Sims’ intimate singing, which produces a sense of closeness. The song begins softly, almost like a whisper, and eventually builds into a soaring anthem, encompassing the inner fears we all battle. “Fears” is a powerful reminder that vulnerability can be a source of strength. Thanks to its fantastic production, the song is simple, heartfelt, and yet a timeless and impactful piece all at the same time.

The album’s apex arrives with “What Are You Doing?” a visceral music that pierces through complacency, prompting us to question our actions and the world around us. Sims’ confrontational yet sincere approach adds layers to this already fascinating song. His vocals are raw, and the guitar riffs intensify the urgency of the message letting us comprehend effortlessly. The hard-hitting drums and the throbbing bass have a hint of beauty to the song, which is appealing to the ears.

Lose Each Other to the Truth” takes the ante by delving into the sacrifices we make for the sake of truth and authenticity. It’s a musical reflection of the internal fights we fight to keep our integrity. Sims’ vocal delivery is nothing short of mesmerizing, and the combination of Rock and Alternative elements comes through. The song’s dramatic lyrics and throbbing beat create an emotional whirlwind that leaves an indelible impression.

Where Are You Now?” concludes the album. This ethereal track develops and builds to a dramatic conclusion. It’s a perfect end to the emotional ride that “You Have A Voice, Use It” offers. The desire for answers, the need for connection, and the never-ending pursuit of comprehension resonate throughout. It is drowned in a stellar production and Sims’s voice blends beautifully with the atmospheric textures.

To summarize, “You Have A Voice, Use It” is a passionate and powerful exploration of the human experience through the lens of a gifted and passionate artist. Will Sims’ ability to convey complex emotions through music is simply astounding. This album, which was meticulously recorded at Seventh Wave Records and effectively mixed and mastered at the Deep End Studio, is a testament to the power of music to touch the soul. I heartily recommend it to anybody looking for music that is both catchy and thought-provoking. It’s a timely record that will leave you with a strong respect for Will Sims’ pure and real mental state.

Listen to the “You Have A Voice, Use It” album by Will Sims on Spotify or SoundCloud, and let us know your thoughts.

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