Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Zoplo is a visually impaired hip-hop-influenced artist who began writing music in his teens. He is a singer/songwriter with captivating flows and a distinct style that distinguishes him from other performers. His songs are emotionally charged and move us to our souls. Next on his list of exceptional compositions is his current single “Are we there yet” which made its official debut on December 14th.

A stunning ambient sound mingled with melodic keys introduces the song and continues to stay mild and gentle with an enticing melody. Soon after, Zoplo’s vocals appear, accented by unobtrusive percussion that adds to the song’s elegance. His vocals are lovely, with a savory tone that meshes in admirably with the song. This gives the song an astounding feel to skillfully communicate its intelligent lyrics. Not only that, but the smooth swings between choruses and the lovely arrangements will keep listeners captivated by its soulfulness. . Also noteworthy is the usage of delicate instruments that allows Zoplo’s vocals to stand out.

Musically, “Are we there yet” is deeply affecting and full of lyrics that are not just meaningful but also quite piquant. It’s a song that conveys so much positivity and thought-provoking ideas, as Zoplo shares with us his take on the fragility of life and the need to take control of our destinies. “Are we there yet,” is a song meant to provide representation to those who have grown up dealing with mental illness. He expresses this through genuine and emotional lyrics that are deep and with a constructive tone. Anyone seeking a genuine and hoped song should listen to this one.

With this song, Zoplo has put his unique stamp on his talent to produce a rousing track that will leave fans wanting more. The emotions in this song are deeply felt, and we can hear the anguish in his vocals. Zoplo has made a masterpiece and it fits so well in his catalog. The production is excellent, and he gives a tremendous vocal performance and execution. Overall, “Are we there yet” is a captivating and noteworthy work of art in which Zoplo exhibited his conviction and fervor.

Listen to “Are We There Yet” by Zoplo on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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