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Monthly Archives: July 2023

Unveiling the Elegy of Unattainable Affection, Shaun Scratchley’s “Forbidden Love” Strikes a Chord with Heartache.

Shaun Scratchley, the Andover-based prodigy, digs into the raw and universal feelings that surround unrequited love in his soul-stirring single, “Forbidden Love.” This heartrending song, which got released on June 30, 2023, recounts a narrative of love’s bittersweetness, striking strongly with anybody who has ever felt the pains of devotion for someone just out …

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Dax’s “God’s Eye” Peers into the Heart of Humanity’s Struggles with Intensity and Brilliance

In “God’s Eye,” Nigerian-Canadian singer Daniel Nwosu Jr., also known as Dax, delivers a strong and high-energy song that depicts the current status of our world. Released on July 21st, this mind-blowing single provides us with a thrilling musical experience blended with thought-provoking lyrics that dive deep into the issues and complexity of our …

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Love Ghost and FLVCKKA Team Up for Chilling New Single “Haunted House”

As a huge admirer of Love Ghost’s immersing music, I couldn’t be more excited to hear the stunning collaboration between Love Ghost’s Finnegan Bell and the outstanding Mexican artist FLVCKKA in their latest tune, “Haunted House,” which became available on July 21st. Having previously loved Love Ghost’s distinctive combination of alternative rock sounds, this …

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