As a huge admirer of Love Ghost’s immersing music, I couldn’t be more excited to hear the stunning collaboration between Love Ghost’s Finnegan Bell and the outstanding Mexican artist FLVCKKA in their latest tune, “Haunted House,” which became available on July 21st. Having previously loved Love Ghost’s distinctive combination of alternative rock sounds, this new endeavor promises to be a thrilling ride, especially with the inclusion of the driving beat of Latin Grammy winner BrunOG. This song is a breath of fresh air and a blend of alt magic that enchants listeners with hauntingly lovely melodies, multilingual lyrics, and flawless production. Let’s get started.

“Haunted House” does not disappoint from the outset and elevates Love Ghost’s talent to new heights. It starts with fascinating sounds, and Love Ghost’s Finnegan Bell has proven once again why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the alternative music world. His extraordinary vocals, mixed with genuine emotions and a divine appeal, create an ambiance that transports us to an unknown place deep within the ‘haunted house.’ Bell seamlessly delivers his verses, providing an aura of intrigue to the lyrics and making us want to pick up the eerie secrets hidden inside. But the magic doesn’t stop there! FLVCKKA, the emerging Mexican artist, presents a cultural flavor to the music with her amusing Spanish verses. Her flow and cadence complement Finnegan Bell’s approach well, adding to the song’s charm and bringing up a whole new depth of musical discovery. Her vocals are luscious and sensuous, and they have a terrific connection with Bell’s that precisely complements their talents. That adds a little zing!

The premise of “Haunted House” is dark and frightening, with themes of horror, terror, and otherworldly influences. The lyrics portray a universe from which it is impossible to leave, inhabited by terrifying entities such as a murderous clown and the undead creeping from the ground. The use of a chainsaw, as well as references to renowned horror icons like Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, contribute to the song’s dark and dreary atmosphere. In addition, the lyrics address themes of loneliness, being tormented by voices in one’s thoughts, and feeling unable to escape the disturbing presence. It evokes the sensation of being caught in a never-ending nightmare, where horrors and torments abound and the speaker appears to be encircled by obscurity and nefariousness. The lyrics also make an allusion to not caring about other people’s thoughts or verdicts (“Fuck the haters”) and embracing one’s distinct and maybe darker nature (“I got on face paint like a killer clown”). There is an underlying feeling of rebellion and embrace of one’s darker nature, as well as a warning to others that if they cross the speaker’s path, they will meet dreadful implications.

The underlying charm of “Haunted House” has its roots in producer BrunOG’s skills. The powerful pulse he creates, with its vibrating rhythm and fascinating melodies, drags us into the track’s aural maze. BrunOG’s gorgeous creativity shines through on every note, making it difficult not to become lost in the sound maze he creates. The music video that goes with it is also excellent. The video is dark and gloomy, and it wonderfully depicts the mood of the song, filled with creepy imagery to immerse the audience.

While I’m concluding, I must add that “Haunted House” is an excellent example of musical brilliance, demonstrating the limitless possibilities for collaboration and the magic that occurs when musicians from different corners of the world unite. It is a stunning masterwork, including the finest of Love Ghost, FLVCKKA, and BrunOG. Their chemistry is electrifying, and the result is an underground anthem that appeals to the hearts of all alternative kids. This enthralling combination of English and Spanish lyrics, powered by BrunOG’s powerful beat, is one you won’t want to miss. So, prepare to be captivated as you explore the depths of the “Haunted House” with Love Ghost and FLVCKKA, accompanied by BrunOG’s musical enchantment.

Listen to “Haunted House” by Love Ghost x FLVCKKA on Spotify or SoundCloud, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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