Wednesday , October 4 2023


Interview With Pappelallee Regarding His Single “Deathwish”

Pappelallee is a rising star in the world of electronic music, hailing from the creative heart of Cologne, Germany. His love for creating new and expressive instrumentals shows through in his current single, “Deathwish,” which demonstrates his extraordinary abilities as a producer. His music takes you on a journey rather …

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Interview with Euan Stevenson, composer, and pianist in Earthtones Trio Regarding Their Single, “Skirmish”

Earthtones Trio is a Glasgow-based band noted for their excellent and beautiful compositions presented with elegance, comprised of Katherine Bryan (flute), Euan Stevenson (piano), Betsy Taylor (cello), and Tom Gordon. Their compositions are amazing, with certain surprises that set them apart from other bands. On February 1st of this year, they …

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Interview With Jørg Regarding His EP “Train to Drammen”

Jørg, a German-based virtuoso guitarist, and composer has completely excelled himself with his fantastic 4-Track instrumental EP named “Train to Drammen.” “Train to Drammen,” which was released on February 17th, is a hypnotic and unique listening experience that takes us on an amazing trip through luscious soundscapes. Jørg’s amazing music …

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Interview With Dionisaf Regarding His “Dreamland” Album

Dionisaf aka Dionis Afonichev, from the United States, is a composer, ambient producer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound hunter who combines modular and granular synthesizers, electric guitar, field recordings, and non-musical sounds and noises in his music, which takes on the quality of musicality when combined with other elements of the composition. …

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