Cleo Handler is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles who combines her laid-back and funk sounds to create wholly distinct trips for fans all over the world. She has recently released her 14-track album, “gold,” after cruising through several genres of music to produce amusing and enjoyable songs and using bits and pieces from each to beautify her music and make it worthy for her fans. Released on March 3rd, “gold” is a breakup album that delves into themes of loss, self-actualization, and finding optimism in the middle of adversity. Now, let me tell you about the album’s tracks and their diversity.

songs” opens the album, with a gloomy and introspective composition that sets the tone for the remainder of the album. When it began slowly, I had no clue how great this song would turn out to be. With lyrics that explore the theme of music being a source of comfort and strength even in the worst of circumstances, the song’s stripped-down sound allows Handler’s vocals to shine and depict the song’s raw emotions. “birthday,” the second song, is only a minute long but continues with Handler’s haunting vocals as she sings softly about life in the midst of difficulty, the passing of time, and the changes that come with it. The words are heartfelt and accessible, making this an absolute must-listen.

Cleo Handler focuses on the relationships she had in college and how they have evolved over time in the third track, “friends from college,” which begins with captivating acoustic guitar chords. It’s melancholy music that delves into the nuances of relationships and how they change. The feeling of this song is that of a place that often evokes a wave of nostalgia and warmth for the artist, but it will be relevant to individuals all around the world. Along with Handler’s enticing voice, the guitar work is really captivating and had me pleased right away. This song is captivating! The fourth song, “but i’m a vegetarian,” boasts terrific and bright instrumentation while taking a satirical approach to the difficulty of keeping to one’s beliefs and ideals in the face of social pressures. Handler delivered the well-crafted lyrics in a fun manner, demonstrating her ability to approach weighty themes with wit and humor. It’s just a piece of lovely music that you want to listen to when you’re feeling down.

fish tank,” the fifth track on the album, also opens with entrancing acoustic chords. It’s a dreamy, ambient piece about being imprisoned in a relationship that’s no longer rewarding. It conveys a sense of despondency and desire for something greater. But it’s difficult not to get carried away by the hauntingly gorgeous soundscape it produces. This music swiftly draws in and holds your attention with Handler’s vocals that appear to glide unimpeded amid the beautiful guitar sections and drumming. “heard it here first,” the sixth song, is about feeling left behind while others go on with their life and attain success. The lyrics are real and honest, delving into the feelings of jealousy and bitterness that may occur in such situations. However, it’s not just the food for thought in this song that makes it so engaging; it’s also the luscious instrumentation and vocals, which permeate every note and lyric. I found myself carried away in the beauty of the music.

mine,” the seventh single, is a highly intimate song inspired by a breakup. Handler has put her emotions into this art, creating a song that is both emotionally therapeutic and widely accessible, delving into the complexity of love and how it can be both beautiful and tragic. This is music that will stick with you because of its emotionally rich instrumentation and painfully real lyrics. The eighth track, “PSA,” takes a vibrant approach to the theme of self-care, with Handler providing a tongue-in-cheek delivery over a frantic flow. The lyrics are relevant and engaging, making this a wonderful song to add to the album. Her vocals sparkle out like a gem over a pervading atmosphere molded by the production. The lyrics are passionate and beautifully crafted as well.

LES,” the ninth tune, is an introspective and nostalgic track that expresses the themes of loss and transformation. It’s another tune that transports you to a satisfying soundscape with its instrumentation and attitude. The vocals are amusing and lovely, with a distinct rock flavor. Cloe Handler discusses the passage of time and how we change as we get older in the tenth song, “older.” It’s a contemplative and moving song about the complications of aging and the longing for youth. While heartbreaking, the words are brilliantly composed with lyrical imagery that adds to the emotional depth of the song with Handler’s deep and passionate vocals, producing a harmonizing duet that seems almost therapeutic.

Wonderful,” the eleventh tune, is a song about celebrating the simple moments in life that offer us joy and happiness. It’s upbeat and happy music that urges us to enjoy the beauty in our surroundings. The words are engaging, and the instrumentation is highly distinctive, with spurts of intricacy that keep us on our toes. The twelfth track, “problem,” talks about the challenges of getting rid of an unhealthy relationship. It’s a beautiful and compelling song about the devastation and grief that comes with difficulties in relationships that are not being attended to by both partners. Handler’s expressive vocals and the peppy production convey a feeling of openness and honesty. The song sounds like it came directly from the oven, and the lyrics are similarly intriguing.

The final but one song on the album, “enough,” which has a full duration of just 55 seconds, is music that Handler utilizes to dwell on the sense of never being content, no matter what you do in life. It’s a moving song that explores themes of ambition and the search for meaning and purpose. Handler’s vocals are beautiful, and the song is masterfully constructed to produce a totally unique and unforgettable experience as a gorgeous composition with delicate guitar work. The album concludes with the title tune, “gold.” A song about what you acquire when you lose everything. It covers the concept of discovering something meaningful in the middle of loss and grief, and it is a strong and emotional song that expresses the sense of hope and perseverance required to move on after a split. It’s one-of-a-kind music that takes the listener on a trip through many moods and emotions. It’s like a collection of songs contained within a single tune. This track’s production is simple, with each piece given a lot of detail. Its backbone is essentially the rich tone of the guitar, which is further accentuated by Handler’s captivating vocals. The impression is the rhythm, and it has a compelling flavor.

Overall, “gold” is an attractive work of art that has been created with such love and attention that it affects us to the core. I love Hnadler’s effort and engagement in the songwriting approach. Her vocal performances, which sounded sensitive and sincere, also wonderfully captured the emotions of each song. The writing brings forth the excellent songs’ beautiful purposes without a doubt. Her flow is so smooth that my ears promptly blended with the sensation. Her penmanship is outstanding and the production allowed her lyrics to shine through, giving the album an appropriately fitting atmosphere. I hope you appreciate the album as much as I do.

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friends from college

heard it here first

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