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Energy Whores Shares New Single “Psycho Chemistry”

Energy Whores is a New York City-based duet comprised of singer and composer Carrie Schoenfeld, who is also a filmmaker and producer, and her professional guitarist, Attilio Valenti from Italy. These two make beautiful songs and effectively promote indie folk electronic music. Their tunes are filled with gorgeous soundscapes and remain as intriguing as ever. “Psycho Chemistry,” their current single, was released on October 12th and is exactly how I described their tunes.

Bouncing with funky electronics and fascinating percussion parts, “Psycho Chemistry” opens out with an exuberant tone that lasts for 20 seconds before being met by Carrie Schoenfeld’s melodiously gorgeous vocals that sound so seductive. It captivates your attention and nourishes your emotions. The song’s ambiance is incredibly delightful, and it is supported by these captivating electronic sounds that sound engaging. The huge confluence of all these components gives the song a distinctive flavor. The drum kits and melodies are an outstanding synthesis of harmonization and tempo.

In terms of “Psycho Chemistry” and its message, I believe it is a song about being insecure in our emotional attachments with others and how we may persuade others to comply and abide by our thoughts. While it glides like a riverbed, the execution is outstanding and nicely enhances the heartfelt lyrics. It’s just unique and groovy. And there’s a profound message lying in wait for you to identify.

“Psycho Chemistry” is an iconic indie electronic track that will fill your spirit; there are genuine feelings in the song. It is a really lovely musical affair that is pleasing to the ears. The constant vocals, percussion rhythms, and guitar riffs that play throughout the song create an exciting tune that will strike the senses as it evokes a profound feeling of surprise and wonder. Overall, the song nails it for me in terms of production and execution, and I’m astonished by how wonderfully and exactly perfect the instrumentation is.

Listen to “Psycho Chemistry” by Energy Whores on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

Notable Lyrics
And if things don’t go my way
I’ll stamp and scream and ball
Do what I want without delay
I’ll throw my lunch against the wall
When I threaten all my enemies
It’s just my psycho chemistry

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