Kyote Radio is an Austin-based rock & roll band with origins in the desert ghost town of Terlingua, TX. Their inspirations vary from classic rock luminaries like Black Sabbath to indie music titans like Modest Mouse, and they merge numerous genres into high intensity. Frontman Micah Paredes leads the ensemble on electric guitar and leads vocals, presenting snappy, intelligent lyrics with a full dose of hard riffs and a thunderous rhythm section led by bassist Nick Smith and drummer Wesley Riddle. On July 13th, Kyote released a new song with Kyle Shutt.

“The Crown” opens with exhilarating guitar sounds from guest guitarist Kyle Shutt, dubbed “Austin’s Shredder King,” in a very engrossing presentation. The guitars embellish the song’s harmonic portion, which is accompanied by crushing percussion and bass, which seems mesmerizing and are played with elegance and in conformity with the tune. The start instantly grabs my attention as a guitar nerd and admirer of rock music.

Kyote Radio

This quickly transitions into a delightfully soothing and captivating melody composition complemented by a pretty distorted guitar. The instrumentation, chord sequence, and supporting percussion component all appear to point in that direction. All of these aspects combine to create a strong, refreshing, and captivating thought display. Although it creates a sound atmosphere that either calms you down or makes you carefree in a nice manner, the story of “The Crown” pushes a deeper, harsher, and more intense meaning.

“The Crown,” as produced by Frenchie Smith at The Bubble Studios in Austin, is really unique and highly immersive, with every aspect ideally loud, providing a healthy audio quality that makes me have heaps of affection for this song.

Listen to “The Crown” by Kyote Radio on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Serenading sirens swallowed by the sounds
Behind the waterfall, he wonders if he’ll ever wear the crown
Who wears it now? Who wears it now? Who wears it now?
Riding through the remnants of the ruins of decay
Overflowing oceans slowly carve it all away

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