“Another Day Another Dollar,” which was released on December 14th, 2022, is a beautifully designed jazzy instrumental track by Carsten Schnell, a Bonn-based composer who launched his debut album in 1992 and is one of the top musicians at BSC Music. Talking about the song, it’s incredibly peaceful and makes the environment you’re listening to feel as if you’re levitating, with haunting melodies that make the music enticing. This sparked our intrigue and therefore decided to connect with Carsten from the other side of the world to find out more about him and this project. Keep on Reading!

Songweb: Describe your background and who you are.

Carsten: I am a trained musician and composer. Since 1993 I have had a contract with BSC Music. In 1992 I released my first album “Adjust”.

Songweb: What inspired you to make music?

Carsten: Nothing. I’ve always made music, even since I was a little kid.

Songweb: What is it about music that evokes such strong emotions in you?

Carsten: I can feel them. Harmonies and rhythms as well as melodies are triggering emotions.

Songweb: Describe the steps you take to create a new song.

Carsten: There aren’t any steps. Most of the time I already have them in my head. The implementation is sometimes difficult because you also imagine things can, which are not so easy to implement.

Songweb: Describe your project “Another Day Another Dollar” to us.

Carsten: It should be an instrumental 12-bar blues. The title was already mostly recorded when the “Lucille” came around the corner and I did refocus the whole title on this guitar. That’s why she is on the cover.

Songweb: How do you anticipate Another Day, Another Dollar will affect society?

Carsten: None. This title is neither social nor political. He’s just a blues.
Sometimes music is just music.

Songweb: What do you hope the critics will say about your latest project?

Carsten: Critics are a people unto themselves. I hope they deal with the title objectively.
In my eyes, you can’t distinguish between good and bad music, only between ugly and beautiful music. And that’s very subjective.

Songweb: Identify the best and worst aspects of being a musician.

Carsten: The best aspects are that you can always get involved with music.
The prerequisite, however, is that it pays your bills. The worst aspect is that nowadays appreciation is missing and you mostly can’t live from it. The audience thinks more and more music is free and comes out of the socket.

Songweb: What can we do to support your career advancement?

Carsten: I don’t know that. What could you do?

Songweb: Describe your future artistic plans.

Carsten: My plans are simple. Keep making music!

Overall, “Another Day, Another Dollar” is an immense jazzy soundscape. Carsten Schnell has brilliantly demonstrated his enthusiasm and talent as a composer whose preferences mix the unique nature of jazz with electronic components to generate an almost celestial sound intended to enhance and soothe his audiences. Listening to this tune gives a magical sensation as I t provides you with a delightful sense of comfort.

Listen to “Another Day Another Dollar” by Carsten Schnell on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

You can follow Carsten here for more information.