Nobody’s Wolf Child, a South East UK-based artist, made its debut in January 2022 with “The Fall,” and since then has developed all over the world with a proven record. Not only are they talented, but they are also making waves with their infectious songs, unique flair, and love for creating exceptional and haunting music. “Big Bad Wolf” is the pack’s newest release, and it’s worth listening to. With a total playtime of 6 minutes and 18 seconds, the initial few seconds will strike a chord with you from the first note, owing to the fantastic synthesizers that introduced the song before the ethereal and candied vocals kicked in. “Big Bad Wolf” was launched on December 9th, 2022, and Songweb had the opportunity to engage online with Nobody’s Wolf to find out more about this endeavor. Let’s see what the pack had to say!

Songweb: Describe your background and who you are.

Nobody’s Wolf Child: My background is a wooden beamed cove with a picture of a rabbit dressed as a ruffed lord of some kind.

Who I am would take a long time to explain but for the purpose of this context, I am Nobody’s Wolf Child.

I write songs and put myself as the center performer of said songs and I guess that gives an insight into my character.

Songweb: What inspired you to pursue music?

Nobody’s Wolf Child: Some inexplicable burning from within.

Songweb: What is it about music that evokes such strong emotions in you?

Nobody’s Wolf Child: Oh I’d say it’s probably that we are essential vibrational frequency and it’s speaking a deep language of the soul.

Songweb: Describe the steps you take to create a new song.

Nobody’s Wolf Child: Well I could but then I’d have to feed you to Stranger. And you wouldn’t want that. No one can hear you scream in the shadows behind the wolf gate.

Songweb: Describe your newest project, “Big Bad Wolf” for us.

Nobody’s Wolf Child: It’s a song that celebrates the voices of the pack and gives The Big Bad Wolf his center stage while holding up a mirror for humans to have a little look at and get acquainted with ‘the beast within’

Songweb: What type of social influence do you think “Big Bad Wolf” will have?

Nobody’s Wolf Child: Well it would be nice if everyone stood up from their little thrones from which they throw stones into glass houses and ran into the woods and howled their hearts out instead.

Songweb: What do you hope the critics will say about your newest project?

Nobody’s Wolf Child: I love it! What is it?

Songweb: Identify the best and worst aspects of being a musician.

Nobody’s Wolf Child: It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to create a world and live in it. Process all your feelings there, see them, and walk around. It saved me from insanity. It’s magical. Truly. The worst is you can fall into a negative relationship with it when you lose sight of what matters and the construct of the music industry is very much here to help people along with that. One can feel like a donkey chasing the ever-dangling carrot pretty quickly. I feel lucky to have ejected that kind of desire in place of real love for what I do.

Sogweb: What can we do to support your career advancement?

Nobody’s Wolf Child: 9 is my favorite number so I’m happy such a sweet question was sat there… but I don’t know how to answer! Tell them it’s amazing from the rooftops of all the towns as the light of day turns red for 369 suns

Songweb: Describe your future artistic plans.

Nobody’s Wolf Child: Oh I have plans but they’re secrets for now.

The ones that are not secret are things like epic shows on epic stages. We are working on the live show at the moment. Much to my chagrin we will be starting with far more humble beginnings than my imagination’s ever-hungry desires… but I’d need to invent a virus, terrify the people and sell them the cure to pull that off.

Overall, “Big Bad Wolf” is a lovely composition, and it’s clear that the artist poured their heart and soul into it. The emotion in its singing was palpable, thanks to the brilliant words and heavenly vocals. And, with immaculate production, the song will captivate listeners with every beat. “It is a thrilling tune!

Listen to “Big Bad Wolf” by Nobody’s Wolf Child on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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