Lee Trent is a multi-instrumentalist and solo performer from Nashville. He co-develops with other artists, writes his music, and incorporates a wide range of sounds into his work. He has a specific technique of blending materials, which results in several moods that accurately express his persona. Artists such as Radiohead, Thundercat, and Wilco have influenced Lee Trent. His new song “Pessimism,” which was published on June 1st, is a follow-up to his hit “Optimism,” which was released in January of this year.

“Pessimism” is a song that combines witty lyrics with flawlessly coordinated music. The song begins with a powerful kick and bass beat that is cleverly supported by a gripping guitar lead tone. Lee Trent’s strong melody added to the song’s tenderness and gravitas. The rhythms are pretty addictive and have a huge effect on the overall mood of the composition.

The tempo is tight, however, there’s enough bounce to give it a relaxed feel. The potential of the song to generate a rich ambiance is incredible. Amid the song, there is a grandiose motif that will make your heart beat faster, and it is timed just where it should have been. Essentially, I had a perfect and seamless interaction with the song, with linear tiled.

It’s challenging not to notice the lovely vocal, which leads the storyline in a majestic design in a lovely tune that alternately recalls ambitions laden with excitement in the peaks merged with melancholy and musically sad themes.

Lee Trent’s “Pessimism” will make the proper sounds. I feel that people will enjoy dancing to the beat. Hopefully, Lee Trent’s music will be heard and appreciated by a wide range of people. His aptitude to integrate unique nuances while keeping it simple and appealing will hopefully be remembered by listeners.

Listen to “Pessimism” by Lee Trent on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

Never thought you would’ve gone but I guess that I was wrong
All courage has been sold and now it’s time to fold
And the more I decay, the less I want to stay around here
Everything is left to regret
And there’s no more time to reflect ’round here