Alyria is an Icelandic vocalist recognized for her soothing voice and feel-good lyrics that showcases fresh sounds that accentuate her sensitive and passionate side, along with a moderately trendy pop and R&B touch. Alyria partners with Bixxi, an Icelandic singer and producer recognized for his R&B and pop genres, on her new track “Running.” “Running” was published on July 14th, of this year, and it has a really enticing atmosphere with sound designs that will lure listeners straight into it as soon as the track begins.

Beginning with Bixxi’s enchanting vocals over an ethereal vibe, the piano and string arrangements harmonize beautifully and have a significant impact on the atmosphere until Alyria’s enticing and heartwarming vocals over the rich melodies take possession. Alyria’s passionate vocal delivery also enhances the ambiance, resulting in an incredibly interesting sound. “Running” is likely to get under your skin with its top-notch composition that’s colorful in all the right places, creating a pleasant aura, with the melodies and mesmerizing instrumentals.

“Running” is a song that offers relevant stories of how thoughts and actions may not always coincide in a relationship and how the mind can interpret feelings and ideas and make them more difficult than they are. It’s also a song about how the little things, like your spouse not picking up the phone, can cause you to doubt everything when you’re passionately in love, and it’s the ideal blend of current pop with a hint of Soul and RnB. The vocals of Alyria and Bixxi are enticing, with a dreamy quality that makes listeners want to go further into the track and embrace every facet of their riffs.

Overall, the duo’s vocal filtering is so clean that it never feels excessive and matches the song’s feel perfectly. I enjoyed listening to them perform humbly and brilliantly. The general feeling of the music is quite pleasing to the ear, and the melody ends beautifully.

Listen to “Running” by Alyria and Bixxi on Spotify and watch the lyric video with the link below and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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