With inspirations from music legends such as Mike Shinoda, Jay-Z, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West, Virgø is a Honolulu-based musician that combines hip-hop and rap music with rhythms to create something new. On September 16, the  Honolulu-based young artist released his debut 6-track EP, “We’ll Meet Again” which is a remarkable piece of art based on his lyricism and musicianship.

“We’ll Meet Again,” the 18-minute-18-second EP, opens with the tune “Alluring Clouds,” which has an irresistible groove that perfectly complements Virgø’s vocals. This music has synth chords and a funky bassline that lifts his flow and leaves us with shivers. It’s incredible how effortlessly he performs with such a superb pitch. The song also includes wonderfully performed, delightful melodies, as well as a gentle kick drum and percussive instruments that make the beat. It’s not too crowded and allows his lyrical voice enough space. The second tune “Sky,” is highlighted as one of his favorites on the EP, and he is not exaggerating. This music has a big soundstage and a lot of energy, with natural harmonies and an appealing pace mixed in with an exceptional hi-hat pattern, gripping melodies, and compelling lyrics. On this track, Virgø collaborated with rapper Loo Will, and they both delivered brilliantly.

“No Competition” is the third tune on the album, and it’s nice and one of  Virgø’s favorites. This song starts with vocal samples over a chord sequence that makes the song shine, and it’s amazing to hear how Virgø glides effortlessly over the rhythms. The fourth tune is “West Coast Park” which opens with a succession of hard-hitting synth chords that provide the appropriate tone for the vocals to attract the listener’s attention. It is also one of Virgø’s favorite tunes. You can’t stop nodding your head till the very end, owing to the tight pace and the buzzing synth that retains the intensity elevated.

The fifth track, “Married To The Streets,” opens with gently handled piano notes, and Virgø’s vocals sound just fantastic over the bright and gorgeous chords. Because of its flowing melodies, tuneful piano notes, and Virgo’s silky vocals, this song has a lot of unique flavors, making it a highly delightful song. Finally, “Rumble” brings the EP to a close, and it does it nicely with its charming packaging. Virgø surely produces the proper sounds with this music, and I am convinced that a wide range of listeners will enjoy it. It’s well-penned, and the superb structure and craftsmanship go well with it.

“We’ll Meet Again,”  Virgø’s six-track EP, demonstrates his talent, with each song on the record being distinct. This is unquestionably an Ep worth listening to if you enjoy raps with great lyrics and excellent rhymes since the tracks clearly display his insightful wordplay and exuberant musicality.  His consistent delivery elevates the tracks’ wonderful and mesmerizing qualities.

Listen to the “We’ll Meet Again” EP by Virgø on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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