Arin, a London local vocalist, and composer who has been influenced by Conan Grey, Holly Humberstone, and Jeremy Zucker, has an unmistakable flair for producing songs that most people can identify with. His tunes are distinctive in that they are original, fascinating, and energetic, with sensuous vocals. Arin has recently released his latest single, “Loving is Wasted,” an emotional pop tune with a lot of uniqueness and a really beautiful melody. It was released on December 7th and is well worth listening to.

Opening with pleasant soothing harmonics that provide the perfect setting for Arin’s enticing and sensuous vocals that are heartfelt, “Loving is Wasted” is a comforting song right from the start with a well-produced beat and a fluid, clean cadence. These are arranged to a wonderful luring melodic rhythm that sends goosebumps up your spine. Arin’s vocal style strikes the emotions and draws your attention to the tune that captures you so intimately. Also, the pulse syncopated percussion rhythm supports the fundamental lyric notion while emoting the vocals with fervor. The tempo is perfect for the song.

Thematically, “Loving is Wasted” is about the risks of lost love. The lyrics address the question of why we continue to remain in relationships when they are one-sided. So, rather than wasting our love, we should match up with someone we know would return our affection for them. As an outcome, the song is extremely topical and will strike an instinctive chord with the audience. Likewise, the song’s intention has been brilliantly expressed.

Throughout, the intervals between the sections are deliberately constructed to maintain the rhythm and liveliness of the song. The groove forms steadily, with no breaks in the flow. The composition is pretty interesting, but his vocals, which are masterfully executed, are the highlight qualities for me as it nicely compliments the track. The song’s arrangement has etched a tasty taste in my mind, and I’m going to admit that, it entices me to listen to the music multiple times. “Loving is Wasted” is unique and distinct, and I’m confident it will be a commercial success.

Listen to “Loving is Wasted” by Arin on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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