DeEtta Jain, a unique composer, and vocalist who collaborates with a wide range of musicians and producers have released a new track that sounds wonderful. The Denver-based artist’s latest single, “Leaning,” was released on August 31st and sounds awesome.

“Leaning” begins with piano notes and DeEtta’s gorgeous vocals while the distorted guitar notes set the tone for the song and get the feeling moving in the right way. DeEtta’s voice is engaging and delightful on this record and her soft vocals blend wonderfully with the soothing instrumentation, signifying her variety and flexibility. “Leaning” develops brilliantly, and that makes for an interesting sound because of the superb talent and lyricism presented throughout having exactly the perfect amount of energy to keep up with the feelings.

As described, “Leaning” is a tune for solitary strolling, lonely smoking, and sundown sessions spent reminiscing. DeEtta feels that a split with a friend is more traumatic than a breakup with a love partner. As a result of this intense desire for the past, the notion of “Leaning” was born. Because DeEtta’s separation from a magnificent friendship that spanned her adolescence has left her feeling strangely estranged, bewildered, and sad. She tried to portray those sensations and emotions with “Leaning.” Furthermore, the loss of innocence and the loss of a wonderful friend motivated this tune since she finds that friend in a variety of individuals throughout her life.

DeEtta Jain directs the listener’s anticipation while delivering everything envisaged from a pop tune. She executes this uniquely and innovatively way since she has built her distinct sound. The musicianship in this track makes all the difference. As a consequence, “Leaning” is a brilliantly crafted song that is both energetic and engaging.

Listen to “Leaning” by DeEtta Jain on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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