Based in New York City Evan Isaac is an eccentric performer that combines old songwriting instincts with strange, contemporary pop to create unique and fascinating tunes. With “Good Plan” as his latest single, the track was released in September and is full of amazing surprises and a really catchy tune that was recorded in LA in January with Evan Isaac’s buddies Wolfy (Madison Scheckel) and Rosie Tucker.

“Good Plan” begins immediately with Isaac’s singing and the song’s marvelous melody, which blends ethereal vibes with tranquil harmonies. Evan Isaac’s beautiful vocals croon canyons of nostalgia with a velvety, smooth texture that encompasses us in comfort and bright warmth, with acoustic guitar rhythms swirling with wispy elegance. “Good Plan” has a breezy vibe, and the lively bassline is the song’s heart, which can be felt delightfully. Evan Isaac’s vocals¬†flow with a pleasant velvety texture that produces a grand melodic progression, causing the melodies to soar and fall at his behest.

With its brilliance, “Gold Plan” conjures thoughts of nostalgia and sadness, tempered with promise for the future. The tone is unique and engaging, yet retaining the depth and complexity that keeps listeners interested altogether. One of the most exciting aspects of this work is its ambiance. It has a steady tempo and a flowing beat that keeps the song alive and cheerful. Evan Isaac’s voice has a pleasant tone that complements the music marvelously.

Overall, “Good Plan” is an amazing piece with good musical characteristics and arrangement that does not blur out the powerful musical accompaniment. Isaac’s performance quality is consistent throughout, making me hungry for his subsequent installments.

Listen to “Good Plan” by Evan Isaac on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
We can take a ride in the silence
Slipping away that’s where I’ve been
Kiss ya sweet dreams like we’re dying
Try and make it better that’s a good plan

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