SWATS (Songwriting And Tactical Sounds) is a diverse musician from Charlotte, North Carolina, whose sounds include Pop, hip-hop, rock, and EDM with a strong emphasis on synchronization. He is an artist that creates a variety of tunes that precisely represent his flexibility and leave no one disappointed. SWATS added to his discography on September 2nd with the publication of “Anxiety,” a wonderful representation of his abilities.

“Anxiety,” which begins with a pre-chorus, wonderfully complements SWATS’s amazingly vocals, which delve deep into the deep emotions depicted in his lyrics. His rich musicianship and beautiful lyricism immerse the listener in deep sensory experiences. The tune’s melodies are catchy and unique, and SWATS’ voice engineering is unique and precisely complements the feel of the track with various musical aspects that are ear sweet for listeners.

SWATS’ describes “Anxiety” as a mellow, yet intense piece that begins as a relationship song and ends as an anthem for individuals who battle with it. SWATS’ special method of completing his songs and distinguishing himself from the crowd is abundantly obvious in this tune, which includes English and Spanish verses. “Anxiety” is an energetic song that will have listeners moving their feet to the beat in order to experience the track’s force.

The song’s tone really grabs our attention, and SWATS’ songwriting absolutely suits and gives us a wonderful sensation with his vocal delivery, which has just the right amount of fervor to leave a lasting imprint on our ears. The song’s tone is incredibly appealing, and the content is pertinent, with lyrics and rhythms that complement each other well.

Listen to “Anxiety” by SWATS on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Won’t you let me be
Feel like I’m drowning
Against a wall, can’t breathe
Yet, you’re all I need

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