“Coming Home” is the new Kevin Beadles, who has one goal in mind: to win a spot in your favorites.

Kevin Beadles is a singer, songwriter, and composer from Berkeley, California, best known for his California Country style. He has three songs in the ECMA European Country Charts’ Top 40 whiles 14 singles and an album are available on all major streaming platforms. Kevin’s music is a wonderful blend of modern country and retro pop.

Kevin Beadles Is "Coming Home" With This Brand New Single | Music Arena Gh

The Berkeley-based artist’s latest single “Coming Home” is a finely crafted and exquisite track paired with highly positive and fearless lyrical that leads off his upcoming EP named “Beautiful Bastards.”

His most recent single is “Coming Home,” which had me swaying side to side on the first listen really sets the tone for what’s to follow. The song presents a picture of true solitude and tranquility with a diverse array of Vibey guitars, concepts that he covers in depth through the song, and by which he takes you on a trip where you as a listener feel completely connected to him.

“Coming Home” gets right to the point of what this song is about. The melancholy instrumentals, paired with his solemn voice, truly establish the tone for the lyrical matter that it expresses. The lyrics are precisely chosen to complement the tone of the music and it demonstrates the song’s limitlessness as Kevin professes his undying affection for someone he hasn’t seen in a long time and how anyone he sees on his way home reminds him of who he is missing dearly.

Listen to “Coming Home” by Kevin Beadles on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

I’m coming home tonight
I’m coming home tonight
Coming to kiss the tender lips I’ve been dreaming of
Coming to make up for the days I’ve been missing your love
Yeah, I’m coming home