Mia Delamar, an Atlanta-based young artist who draws inspiration from Mary J. Blige, Ariana Grande, and Aaliyah, is an exceptional singer/songwriter and choreographer that evokes emotions with her songs. She is a soulful-pop sensation with obvious R&B origins who captivates us with her sensual vocal skills while delivering her songs with devotion and sincerity. “Silly” is her most recent song, and she presented it in a way that elevates the brilliance of her music. It’s smooth and one-of-a-kind. It was released on November 5th, along with a music video.

Beginning with a rhythmic drum beat, “Silly” sounds luxurious and gorgeous before Mia Delamar’s lovely vocals take over. Her vocals are just pleasant and slip through easily to provide the appropriate boost for the song with a delightful melody that elevates it to new heights. Not only is “Silly” immensely attractive and astonishing, but it also has an outstanding flow and captivating melodies with exquisitely penned lyrics and superb musical settings.

“Silly,” performed honestly with Mia’s expressive lyrics, is a song that portrays the emotion of not knowing whether we’re making the right decisions in life. This is because the lyrics recount the narrative of a lady who fell in love with her lover and offered him all of her devotion, only to be deprived of the love she had already shown to him. Ultimately, it’s the red flags we disregard in relationships that cause us to be “silly” in the end. Mia conveys her reflective experience in a relevant manner that will keep you intrigued till the finish. The song also has a rap part that adds just the proper amount of excitement and it’s just a satisfying and crafted conclusion for the last chorus of the song.

Overall, “Silly” is a beautiful combination of rich synths, solid beats, 808s, and beautiful vocals. Mia had an outstanding performance, and her vocals were ideally suited to the song. The production is excellent and contributes to the entire delicate and magical feeling of the song. Mia’s vocal delivery was flawless throughout, showcasing her remarkable range and musicality in every sequence. She has demonstrated her competence with this work and is thus ready to even further expand her musical direction and ambition.

Listen to “Silly” by Mia Delamar on Spotify and watch the video with the above link and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Silly me, silly me
To think you wouldn’t play no games
Silly me, silly me
To think you’d do right by me
Silly me, silly me
Boy I thought you were the one
You fooled me once
Won’t fool me twice
But for now, it’s Silly me, silly, silly me

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