Munk Duane, a Boston-based music artist, and film composer deliver soft soulful melodies. He’s been releasing lovely soft songs like “Fisheye” and “Dangerous.” On October 14th, he released a new track called “Myths,” which is enjoyable to listen to. And a  music video he is filming with director Dom Portalla, who has previously filmed several of his songs, will add flame to this wonderful composition.

When it comes to “Myths,” it starts with a lonely lo-fi acoustic guitar that truly dazzles the crowd and becomes contagious right off the bat. The song is full of captivating rhythms that entice us to listen to it and will undoubtedly make an impression on us for all the right reasons. Listeners are sure to be impressed by Munk Duane’s talent when they listen to this work. His soft voice combined with the astounding beat creates a deep tune that will strike your soul. radiates The song’s sweet, serenading melody makes you fall in love with not only with the song, but also Munk Duane as an artist.

The song exhibits some amazing musical talents that will raise the mind, body, and soul, with such exquisite vocals that fit a track like this and penetrates deep into sensations. “Myths” is a song about contemplating the fragile quality of time. The song also transforms into an incredible gift of reclaiming control of our life. The lyrics are thoughtful and contemplative and encourage us to be set free and engross ourselves in each moment, filling it with delight and experience. The song does an excellent job of engaging listeners with such a concept while Munk Duane’s singing struck deep with so much sincerity.

Overall, “Myth” keeps its gorgeous harmonies and a light accompaniment that accompany the song throughout, absolutely overwhelming us with emotion. The soothing instrumental offers an incredible color to the song and makes it highly appealing. “Myth” has an evocative tune, and Munk Duane’s vocals bind the song together in a tight little knot that thoroughly deludes you.

Listen to “Myth” by Munk Duane on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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