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See Your Shadow Releases Nostalgic Song “Missing West Virginia”

“Missing West Virginia” by See Your Shadow is a heartfelt Americana song.

Michael Coleman is a talented musical ensemble from Phoenix, Arizona. The musician has released his latest track, “Missing West Virginia,” under the moniker ‘See Your Shadow,’ and it has been exploding out of multiple speakers. Michael Coleman known for what he does has been all about making soulful modern music and producing with finesse. He enjoys a wide range of musical genres and approaches music with an unbiased view. “Missing West Virginia”, his latest song, is a deeply mellifluous piece that will stir in unknown ways. This piece was published on April 22nd this year.

See Your Shadow Songwriting deliver a fascinating country-inspired tune; “Missing  West Virginia” | African Hype

Missing West Virginia is a song about bygone days, forgotten odors, deep impressions, and treasured recollections. The music transports you to a world of nostalgia, where you will long for something or someone from the past. Even though the song focuses on West Virginia, it is a classic, sympathetic track. “Missing West Virginia” is a song that would make you find yourself relating to every word of it because it transports you into a nostalgic environment that calms you more than anything else.

The song is standard country fare, but in the case of See Your Shadow, it is executed flawlessly and makes a classic piece of country music. It’s the type of song that a country music lover will hear for the first time and immediately recognize. It helps you feel at ease. “Missing West Virginia” has an inviting and friendly vibe to it, and we believe that this singer has a lot of potential to be well embraced by US country music charts. We can tell from the biography that this songwriting partnership has had some very legitimate success working together, and the chemistry in the writing and delivery of the song is apparent.

The rhythm of Missing West Virginia is wonderful. It’s peaceful music with parts of rock and country. You’d be amazed at how wonderful the melodies feel since they exude a pleasant, welcome vibe. Each component feels like a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day. It will make you feel content, gentle, pleasant, and transcendent. You’ll find yourself wanting extra.

“Missing West Virginia” revels in See Your Shadow’s excellent narrative, as there is a nostalgic twang that characterizes the ambiance.

Stream this song on Spotify below and view the official video on YouTube using the link provided above.

Notable Lyrics

And he is missing West Virginia
Thinking about her brings the smile back to his face
He is missing West Virginia in his heart so long as a special place
Though his love has taken him away, from her he can break free


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