Shihori is a Japanese-born pop singer-songwriter residing in Los Angeles who composes and performs for films, anime, video games, and television advertisements. She wrote and performed the theme song for the video game League of Legends “Battle Queens 2020,” which has had over 1.2 million views on YouTube and 2.2 million Spotify listens to date. Shihori has also won several awards, including the Rome Music Video Awards, the Auber International Film Festival, and the Euro Music Video Song Awards. Looking at her work, particularly her 2021 debut album, “Mutation,” it’s clear how accomplished and devoted she is to her music. Shihori followed up with “Harmonizer,” which was published on October 7th of this year and is well worth checking out.

Shihori’s latest piece, “Harmonizer,” begins nicely with her enticing vocals that are exactly right for the tune but are interestingly slowed down and help us experience the perfection of the moment and her talent. Shihor’s vocals in the song are very relaxing and heartfelt, adding a lot of liveliness to the tune. The production is similarly lovely, with gentle melodies and subtle percussion rhythms producing a distinctive and captivating soundtrack that fits the song’s cadence well.

The song, infused with calming piano keys that ooze into the track and offer warmth, and makes it incredibly captivating, excites all of our feelings like a dream. Shihori, as an artist with so much positivism despite her impairments, constantly encourages us to “love who you are”. She based “Harmonizer” on a  dream she got lost in and reminisced about her real love and the beauty they felt as a result of their deep connection. “Harmonizer” is a marvelously told gloomy fairy tale. Shihori employs lyrics that evoke images in our minds, bringing her emotions to reality.

Shihori explains, “In 2020, I began a journey to rediscover myself after I lost confidence, releasing several tracks that explored topics of self-compassion and self-acceptance. Being in love is like creating art, and when people love one another, they create something beautiful together that previously didn’t exist: like carving a unique sculpture out of solid rock. ‘Harmonizer’ is a celebration of the unlimited joy and creativity that results from these relationships.”

Shihori’s voice, along with the instrumentals, makes “Harmonizer” a compelling listen. The composition is gorgeous and exquisite, and the lyrics are amusing, making it the ideal melody for fast relaxation. Her performance is 10 out of ten, and I eagerly await her next release. Overall, the beat is excellent, with compelling rhythms that carry listeners along, and the inclusion of a range of flavorful instruments that fit the tone of the music. “Harmonizer” is a wonderful song, and I am confident that it will have a global audience.

Listen to “Harmonizer” by Shihori on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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