Stori Brooks is an American singer, songwriter, and musician who now resides in Brooklyn, New York. She is a well-known Alt hip-hop vocalist who is spreading her melodic ambiance by creating back-to-back excellent compositions.

Stori Brooks’ remarkable sound creations are causing quite a stir. Her exclusive tracks are establishing a high standard for other musicians. Her rich lyrics and the melody of her track have gained a large number of followers. Stori Brook’s well-versed and passionate words reach the audience’s soul. She is a self-taught musician who enjoys creating songs on her own. She composes, sings, and produces all of her work. Through her tracks, the musician exudes joyful and upbeat energy. Her excellent performances have astounded everyone, and her incredibly crafted soundscapes have assisted her in developing a distinct identity in the music world.Stori Brooks, the Eminent R&B and Hip-Hop Singer Has Come with Her Latest  EP 'We Climbed A Tree' | Daily Music RollFor an extended period, Stori Brooks has been gaining popularity for her released EP ‘We Climbed A Tree.’ A project in which she reflects on her private influence. Many emerging artists are inspired by the R&B singer’s conceptual flow. Although she does not explicitly detail or confront those essential events, “WE CLIMBED A TREE” praises the clarity of the moment and the memories, the reckless abandon, pleasure, and other delicious satisfaction and confidence she has felt. All of the tracks on the EP are distinct from one another and elicit a variety of emotions.

There is something for you to take away from each of the songs on the EP, and there are profound messages concealed someplace for you to discover. Her voice enchants the intellect and soothes the soul of the listener as she never fails to amaze listeners with her sincere voice and deep and engrossing music with her unique approach to the songs.

Listen to “WE CLIMBED A TREE” Ep by Stori Brooks on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Track list

1. Hello, There
2. Stages
3. Law and Constitution
4. Zora In A Minor
5. Dreams