Robbie Rapids is a singer-songwriter from Michigan who currently resides in Georgia. He creates visual and audio experiences inspired by Nick Lowe, Mot the Hoople, and Soul Asylum. Robbie Rapids’ music is very experimental, maybe paving the path for a new sound and genre to emerge. Robbie Rapids and his producer, David Levene, have released a new track named “Adolescent Lover,” which was released on May 27th, this year, accompanied by a music video.

“Adolescent Lover” is a beautiful blend of melodious music and hypnosis that will transport the listener to another dimension. “Adolescent Lover,” a song about teenagers’ love, explains the teen’s love and all the challenges that stopped this relationship from maturing healthily. People are so preoccupied with their careers that they don’t have time to have fun. The thrill, desire, and closeness of passionate love are also mentioned in the song.

But in Robbie’s explanation of the song, this is what he says, “Song about my teenage life growing up. A poem on the back of my paycheck from the 90s turned into a full song memory just last year. Song starts about my car, girlfriend of a couple years, issues we had in relationship, how we should have left life difficulties to God instead of stressing over them, and finally me letting go cause life moved in different direction.”

The rhythm adds a deep passion to the song and gives it a strong identity. The craftsmanship in the ambiance arouses curiosity while the arrangement intensifies the setting of the song and amplifies the moods in the singing. The corrugation sequence is methodically designed down to the smallest of details, which enhances the significance of the poetry and musically portrays the thoughts so comprehensively.

Listen to “Adolescent Lover” by Robbie Rapids on Spotify and watch the video with the link above and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

Working at the pizza place where we met
1st day I saw you, I’ll never forget
A goofy polish girl with too much makeup on
Her job was to answer the phone