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Spyderhuff Tales A Tale With Their New Single “The Mirror – Pride”

Hi there, it’s another fantastic day and SONGWEB has had the chance to take another incredible coverage of a song by Spyderhuff, a musically oriented band from the United States that drops amazing tracks with captivating sounds anytime they release a single. Despite being spread out throughout the United States, the members of the band produce sounds that give credit to their inspirations, which include The Black Keys, The B-52s, Beck, Moby, and Warren Zevon, while holding fast to their taste. “The Mirror – Pride” is the band’s most recent project, and it is part of their “SIN7” series of songs portraying the Seven Deadly Sins entitled “SIN7”.  “The Mirror – Pride,” is the sixth single and was released on December 12, 2022. Read on to find out more regarding the song as we go a little deeper.

Right before “The Mirror – Pride” immerses you in its sweetness, there is a groovy guitar rhythm that kicks it off with sparkling melodies and subtle percussions that serves to get listeners introduced to the groove along with the pleasant beat. And whiles, it strikes a mix between eloquent jazz fusion and rockabilly, the band’s vocalist, Tom Kuhr, fires it up with his intriguing vocals to widen the song’s melodic tapestry on our heads. That I find very incredible as it reflects his creative knowledge and enhances him to perform with elegance and zest. This is also a fair indication of Spyderhuff’s inventiveness as a rock band.

Moving on to the song’s lyrical content, “The Mirror – Pride” is an expression of obsession with the idealized self-image and its destructive character. Essentially, this song is about hubris and what we do when hospitality is not reciprocated. The lyrics are plainly profound and precise, while the accompanying visuals solidify the song’s significance. However, the genuine lyrics suit the singer’s passionate vocal delivery in such a manner that the audience can readily resonate with them. The lyrics are quite insightful and are executed at an incredible pace that will leave you yearning for more.

“The Mirror – Pride” is a song with an incredible beat that renders it bouncy, as well as a balance of softness and dimension that gives it a treasure. The cadence of the song substantially adds to its wonderful tone, as the voice texture blends beautifully in the acoustic space. In terms of production, it is flawlessly constructed, and the components employed, such as the bongo sounds, are nicely done and an amazing characteristic. That is precisely the best way. Overall, “The Mirror – Pride” is a mood raiser, which I believe is the most splendid element of music and its implementation. It’s a polished song style that reveals the band’s charm and helps listeners fall in love with their brilliance.

Listen to “The Mirror – Pride” by Spyderhuff and watch the video with the below link, and let us know your thoughts.

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