Tyga Apologizes For Offensive “Ay Caramba” Music Video

He joined American Cholo on L.A. Leakers for a poignant discussion about using stereotypes in the visual of his latest single.

He has long paid homage to the Latino community in his music, but after releasing the music video to “Ay Caramba” earlier this month, Tyga is returning to issue a formal apology. In the visual, Tyga is accused of using stereotypes that have long plagued the Latino community, and during his visit to Power 106 in Los Angeles, he took a moment to apologize for the concept.

A video shared by the radio station prefaced Tyga’s appearance with a statement that reads: “The L.A. Leakers is a safe space for all guests. We believe the best way to tackle problems is through open communication and we are that space for artists and our community.”

It continued: “We appreciate Tyga and American Cholo coming in and honesty discussing the issue. Communication is the key to understanding and peace. – Justin Credible – L.A. Leakers on Power 106.”

American Cholo, who operates a podcast that speaks to the issues of Brown communities, criticized Tyga’s visual when it was first released and sat with him to discuss why “Ay Caramba” was problematic. According to him, if things were switched and it was a non-Black person doing the same thing with Black stereotypes, it would be inappropriate and there would be outrage.

Tyga said that when he first saw that people were offended by the music video, he was “confused” so he didn’t immediately respond. He clarified that his visuals were never to make fun of Mexican or Latin cultures, and American Cholo told him he never thought that the rapper was doing anything maliciously.

It was a conversation of education, edification, and understanding. Check out Tyga’s apology below.




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